I'm trying to create a simple custom widget to insert into a newsletter template which just gets x amount of products from a category and displays them.

Not really too sure how I do this so just starting off by trying to get the widget recognised in the newsletter template widget drop down list.

I've just copied the Catalog/Product/New.php and Catalog/Product/Widget/New.php blocks into my module and renamed them Range.php.

This is what I have so far, but can't get it to display in the newsletter template widget drop down list after you click 'insert widget'. Any ideas?


<?xml version="1.0"?>


    <range_products type="newsletter/catalog_product_widget_range" translate="name description" module="newsletter">
        <name>Catalog Range Products List</name>
        <description>List of Products that are set as Range</description>
            <products_count translate="label">
                <label>Number of Products to Display</label>
                    <default translate="label">
                        <label>New Products Grid Template</label>
                    <list translate="label">
                        <label>New Products List Template</label>
            <cache_lifetime translate="label description">
                <label>Cache Lifetime (Seconds)</label>
                <description>86400 by default, if not set. To refresh instantly, Clear the Blocks HTML Output Cache.</description>

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Closing tag in widget.xml should be </widgets> not </widget>.

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