I am trying to remove a parameter under certain conditions when it is passed to my controller. The var_dump of the request contains all the parameters. The parameter I want to remove is called super_attribute. Let's take a look at that var_dump shall we?

[product] => 10
[form_key] => XXYY
[related_product] => 
[super_attribute] => Array
        [220] => 1141

I am able to set the product parameter to another figure using:

$this->getRequest()->setParam('product', $product->getId());

However, I would like to know a way to altogether remove the super attribute or null it's array, heck, or even just change the values contained within! For starters:

$this->getRequest()->setparam('super_attribute', null);


$params = $this->getRequest()->getParams();

hold any water.

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    Try $this->getRequest()->setPost('super_attribute', null). If that don't work take a look at setRequest(Mage_Core_Controller_Request_Http $request) Oct 29, 2014 at 21:12

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Look how method Zend_Controller_Request_Http::getParams works:

public function getParams()
    $return       = $this->_params;
    $paramSources = $this->getParamSources();
    if (in_array('_GET', $paramSources)
        && isset($_GET)
        && is_array($_GET)
    ) {
        $return += $_GET;
    if (in_array('_POST', $paramSources)
        && isset($_POST)
        && is_array($_POST)
    ) {
        $return += $_POST;
    return $return;

It all time gets parameters from global array and doesn't store it in class properties.

So there are two options you have:

  • change $_POST strictly (eg if (isset($_POST['super_attribute'])) { unset($_POST['super_attribute']); } ).
  • or you can use $this->getRequest()->setPostValue('super_attribute', null). In that case key super_attribute wont be removed from $_POST array, but will be modified.

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