I am trying to connect my moodle site to my magento shopping cart. The enrolment plug in, in moodle is asking for my stores database info: host, Database Name, DB User & password which I have, but I also need

Name of the table in the database - I assume this is the customer stored data so I have entered mag_customer_entity

Username field Password field - Which I can not find in php my admin Password format

Does anybody know where I can find this information? I thought that using the table "mag_customer_entity" would be obvious but there is no username and password field available here, yet there is the customers email address and id number etc.

Any help with this I will be forever greatful! thanks for reading :)

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Magento does not use usernames. You log in using your e-mail address. So I guess the username is the e-mail field in the customer_entity table.
The passwords are stored in the table customer_entity_varchar because the customer entity in Magento is an EAV entity. Password is a varchar attribute for the customer entity and it's values are kept in the customer_entity_varchar table.

To find the password hash associated to a customer you need this query.
Let's say the customer id is 10. Add the table prefix if you have one.

    `entity_id` = 10 AND
    `attribute_id` = (SELECT 
                         `eav_attribute` e
                      LEFT JOIN
                          `eav_entity_type` et 
                          ON `e`.`entity_type_id` = `et`.`entity_type_id`
                          `e`.`attribute_code` = 'password_hash' AND
                          `et`.`entity_type_code` = 'customer'
  • Although it's not been updated for a few versions you might want to have a look here to more easily find the relationship between EAV tables in the database. Oct 22, 2014 at 13:55

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