I want to export product from magento in xml file. I don't know how to write a xml file using magento lib. Please assist me for this.


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You don't need to write the xml using the magento lib.
Just make it a simple string.

$collection = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->getCollection();
//add filters if needed.
//$collection->addAttributeToFilter('status', 1); //for example.

$padd = '    '; //4 spaces for identation
$eol = "\n"; //end of line
$xml = '<?xml version="1.0"?>'.$eol;
$xml .= '<products>'.$eol;
foreach ($collection as $product) {
    $xml .= $padd.'<product>'.$eol;
    $xml .= str_repeat($padd, 2).'<name>'.$product->getName().'</name>'.$eol;
    $xml .= str_repeat($padd, 2).'<description><![CDATA['.$product->getName().']]></description>'.$eol;
    $xml .= str_repeat($padd, 2).'<price><![CDATA['.$product->getFinalPrice().']]></price>'.$eol;
    //add here all the attributes you need to export
    $xml .= $padd.'</product>'.$eol;
$xml .= '</products>'.$eol;
//Do something with $xml - save it in a file or echo it.

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