I'm trying to translate "The requested qty exceeds the maximum qty allowed in shopping cart". I already have the translation in the correct translation file:



"The requested qty exceeds the maximum qty allowed in shopping cart","Translation"

The other translations are working (didn't test all, but the ones i need are working). The file that sets the message is:


I've logged all result to it with only one product in cart and it is accessed 7 times when reloading the page. Not sure it is supposed to.

Also tried to change to another phrase. Like __('January'). It displays without being translated. And in the 4 first accesses to the function it logs without translation but the last 3 it translates.

Could there be anything wrong with my setup? I'm not using the default theme. But i've run a grep to find that exact phrase only showing in the original file and when changed it changes the output. But never translates.

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If you want to debug and understand why it doesn't work you can try to debug \Magento\Framework\Translate

See loadData method

The order to load translation

        // Load data from module translation files
        // Load translation dictionary from language packages
        // Load current theme translation according to fallback
        // Loading current translation from DB

Translate renderer (\Magento\Framework\Phrase\Renderer\Translate::render) uses getData for translate

First of all to be sure you have correct data in translation \Magento\Framework\Translate::getData

  • When i started to debug but changing the vendor/magento/framework/Translate.php, it started to work on the store view. Not sure why, because i always cleared cache and static files... Thank you for helping debug it.
    – sadlyblue
    Jul 8, 2022 at 11:59

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