i want to make one custom module in that i set customer group and shipping method than that particulate customer group hide that shipping method enter image description here can any one help me how can i do that.

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In shipping carrier class, there's a method to validate additional rules proccessAdditionalValidation, searching for that method in the code base will reveal processAdditionalValidation (less than 1 'c'). Then continue searching with that will lead collectCarrierRates

So in my opinion, there will be 2 approaches for this:

  1. Extend the current Carrier, add logic into proccessAdditionalValidation
  2. Make a new module, with GUI that helps customers/store-owner choose the rules and then process that rule inside Magento/Shipping/Model/Shipping.php:collectCarrierRates

I haven't done something similar but as I checked the code right now, you can create an after Plugin for this method \Magento\Shipping\Model\CarrierFactory::createIfActive or also this method \Magento\Shipping\Model\Shipping::isShippingCarrierAvailable, there you can add your validation and return true or false for the shipping method you allow or not.

Although I haven't tried it yet, maybe it will guide you to the right direction.

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