I have setup magento 2.3.3 on server php 7.2. All buttons working fine on product detail page but Add to Cart button not adding product in cart. Same is working fine on local pc xampp but not working on server.

I have removed all form var/cache, clear cache, setup:static-content:deploy etc but not fixed

Below is the url where i am getting error:


Please help!


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Here is the possibilities for not working add to cart :

  1. Double check your secure/base secure URL's
  2. Try disabling custom modules where some of them have extends funcionality for addtocart or might have syntax issue.
  3. Try with setup:up, setup:di:compile and setup:static-content:deploy commands

Below is the steps to rectify the issue :

  1. Check var/log/system.log
  2. Check var/reports/latestreport file
  • Thanks for reply. 1)secure/base secure URL's are fine and same. 2)Also i have done all above your advise setup:up, setup:di:compile and setup:static-content:deploy but still not work. 3)There is not generate any log/report. Please help
    – Joy
    Dec 31, 2020 at 10:23
  • @Joy try with UPDATE core_config_data SET value = REPLACE(value, '<old root URL or domain>', '<new root URL or domain>') WHERE path = 'design/head/includes'; and then rm -rf var/cache/* Jan 1, 2021 at 1:05

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