I am looking for an API filter to get in stock products but I could not find any option on the internet.

Any ideas ? Maybe some plugin code ?

Thanks !

  • you can create your custom rest api for it. – Chandresh Chauhan Jun 18 '20 at 3:46
  • Excuse me but what you mean ? A separate API, a new API endpoing ? I think it would be too hard work and there would be confusion for the API client developer to work with. Any ideas of using the original endpoint with this filter ? Thans !! – Gustavo Ulyssea Jun 18 '20 at 14:19
  • are you looking for the code to get in stock products only? – Chandresh Chauhan Jun 19 '20 at 4:19
  • @ChandreshChauhan I am looking for a code to add an option to filter by in stock products. I mean the default list should keep the same, but if this field is set in the searchcriteria then it should filter. – Gustavo Ulyssea Jun 19 '20 at 22:06

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