I have installed theme it works fine but later I found that some links on my theme not working ..so I want to know how to install theme on localhost and how to import database of theme on localhost in magento 2.3

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You can use docker container for magento. How install see instruction. For example https://github.com/meanbee/docker-magento2

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    – Amit Bera
    Jan 22, 2020 at 15:05

Once you have your Magento running locally. The manually way to install Magento theme is comping the theme folder to <Magento root dir>/app/design/frontend and make sure your theme folder respects the pattern <Vendor_Name/<theme_name>

This information and more about how to install the theme you can find here

Related to the database, you can make a dump from your production environment and restores it on your machine.

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