In sales_order table product name field is not there but i have to fetch that too. How to fetch the product name ordered by a customer using customer ID?

  • get customer ordered order and also order items Right? – Rk Rathod Dec 11 '19 at 5:50
  • Grammatically speaking, the title shouldn't have a question mark at the end. – ahorn Dec 11 '19 at 14:26

You can try below:

$order = $this->_objectManager->create('Magento\Sales\Model\Order')->load($orderId);
$orderItems = $order->getAllItems();

If you need more details from order you can review below post.


  • $order->getAllItems(): it will return an array right?......with all column name as index of array..... – Ankur Anand Dec 11 '19 at 6:44
  • can i use getData() function inplace of getAllItems()? will that mean the same? – Ankur Anand Dec 11 '19 at 6:44
  • You cant use getData here, You can use var_dump to see what data are in object and you can use those. – anonymous Dec 11 '19 at 6:47
  • can you please tell me what does getData function do? and what does it return? – Ankur Anand Dec 11 '19 at 6:49
protected $orderRepository;

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Sales\Api\OrderRepositoryInterface $orderRepository,
) {
    $this->orderRepository = $orderRepository;

//and use in required method as:

$order = $this->orderRepository->get($orderId);
foreach ($order->getAllItems() as $item) {
       echo $item->getName()); // to print all ordered products name
  • $this->orderRepository->get($orderId): what does this return ? – Ankur Anand Dec 11 '19 at 7:01
  • it returns a collection and inside that lot of function ; you can try print_r(get_class_methods($order)); die; to view that and getAllItems() provides all items purchased with that order_id entered – Shafeel Sha Dec 11 '19 at 9:04

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