I am unable to redirect HTTP to https when using a multistore option. Anyone else using more than one store and has the http->https auto redirection working from .htaccess?

  • Please add your code here. Nov 13, 2019 at 4:37

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Try to do this via database: -> Go to core_config_data table -> in base_secure or unsecure url change http to https Secondly, check if your server has SSL Certification.

Hope it works!


There were multiple issues. For once port 80 was only accessible from a specific address I changed that in the firewall. Also the configuration mentioned is not redirecting for me even though I set Use Secure URLs on Storefront to Yes. The way I solved the issue is that I set the https url for base urls and base urls ( secure )


Magento has default functionality for set secure(https) and unsecure(http) url.

Before update bellow setting backup core_config_data table.

Go to Store-> Configuration-> General-> Web->Baseurl(secures) and update http to https.

Update the value of Use Secure URLs on Storefront to Yes.

Refresh cache php bin/magento cache:clean.

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