Im using a magento 2.3 recently migrated from magento 1.9.3.

I installed a theme in it (argento theme) and installed a pt_BR translation pack by composer (https://github.com/rafaelstz/traducao_magento2_pt_br/)

The problem is that a few stuff in my website were translated and other stuff were not. For example: In product page there is DETAILS (untranslated) and Avaliações (translated). In home page there is SHOP SALE untranslated.

I tried to add the remaining untranslated stuff in pt_BR.csv (/web-site/vendor/rafaelstz/traducao_magento2_pt_br) and it doesn't work.

I tried to add in app/design/frontend/magento but the folder is empty;

i tried to create a folder app/i18n/ and scan for words and it didn't worked;

I tried entering folder: /mage2.abaraujo.com/pub/static/frontend/Swissup/argento-pure2/pt_BR and entering respective extensions and change. It doesn't worked.

What should i do?

Thanks Lucas

  • Could you show the code for how the untranslated texts are rendered?
    – Adarsh M
    Nov 9, 2019 at 15:30

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For any text to be translated, make sure you wrap it a translation method depending on where it is used as mentioned here in DevDocs Translations. Once you do this, make sure translations are present in the translation dictionary CSV. And finally, run this command in your Magento root to deploy localizations: bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy


You have to add your custom translation in:


"Word","New translation"

If you want to set translation for specific module, you have to append ,module,Magento_Name:

Example :


Important: don't forget to :

  • clean the cache

  • clean var/view_preprocessed CONTENT

  • clean pub/static CONTENT

  • deploy the static content = php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

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