We upgraded to 2.3.1 and get on product list pages of several stores an error:

No linked stock found

Go to Stores -> Inventory -> Stocks (admin/inventory/stock/edit/stock_id/1/) and enable it for all websites, then hit save.

(See also https://community.magento.com/t5/Magento-2-x-Version-Upgrades/Magento-update-to-2-3-compilation-errors/td-p/114524)

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    It's great that there is a workaround for this problem, however, it's not supposed to happen anyway, as there is a composer plugin which is supposed to disable MSI modules when upgrading. Can you please describe your upgrade flow? Did you enable the Inventory modules manually and did you run setup:upgrade if that is the case? This information would be helpful, as we might need to create a bug report for MSI in case it doesn't work as expected. – Eugene Jun 3 at 20:12
  • We probably did not follow this workflow. We updated in dev and then deployed the new composer.lock to production. – Alex Jun 3 at 21:00

I think this issue appears if you're using an older version of composer.

I had the same issue in my developer machine over and over again when testing our update from Magento 2.2.4 to 2.3.1 using composer 1.2.2 (which is the standard version in the Debian 9 Repo).

I also tested it in a Ubuntu 16.04 developer machine with composer 1.5.2 with no issues.

Then I removed composer version 1.2.2 from my debian 9 system and installed the latest version 1.8.6 and the issue disappeared.

Would be nice if someone could confirm my theory ;)


possible the issue also happens with data migration, using the magento provided data migration tool.

I have a clean installed 2.3.2 (using composer) and after a successful migration of all data (multi-store), I could not save due to same error.

The provided solution also fixed the problem, as only the default store was listed in the Default stock setup.

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