I have custom module observer in Magento 2

<event name="controller_action_postdispatch_mpquotesystem_sellerquote_quoteedit">
        <observer name="webkul_mpquote_sellerquote_managequote_after_observer2" instance="Webkul\Mpquotesystem\Observer\Sellerquoteupdateafter" />

after the event happened I want the details of the page - data


how I can do this

Like this --- if I create order observer - getting an order in the observer

  • Not sure exactly what is needed. At what time this event fires and what information you need after its executed ? not able to get page-data – Narendra Vyas Apr 6 at 12:24
  • i have created for observer after quote_edit page fired – prabhakaran7 Apr 6 at 12:26
  • after quote_edit page fired i have getting customer id – prabhakaran7 Apr 6 at 12:26
  • i want to get which quote is edited in that quote_edit to my observer – prabhakaran7 Apr 6 at 12:27

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