Looking for an extension where I can import / export / make mass updates to existing products. Needs to have the following features:

  • Exports nicely into excel. The current stock Magento export has only csv option which causes unplanned column breaks (because some of our data has commas in it)

  • Has the ability to change the actual SKUs of products in bulk (I currently can't do this with Magento's stock import / export due to "SKU" being the primary key).

  • Has the ability to import new attribute options. For example, if I currently have the attribute "color" with the following options: red, green, blue. Then I get some new products, and one they have colors of orange, yellow, brown, white, etc. Right now I have to go in and manually add new options one by one. Would like to do it via upload.


I don't think that there is a specific plugin that offers you all of your desired features at a single place. However, those functions can be performed by different plugins:

  1. Mass Product Import & Update: The plugin allows you to export nicely to CSVs. You are very unlikely to face the issue of column breaks.
  2. Store Manager for Magento: You can bulk update SKUs via Multi Editor. You can find the steps to do it right here.
  3. Import Export Attribute Options: You can use it to import hundreds of attribute options within a single click using a CSV file.
  • Looks like Mass Product Import and Update can actually do #2 and #3, BUT their support told me its not a tool for export. – web_mgr Jan 2 '19 at 19:08

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