I'm able to fetch the single items, or the whole tables via the $modelFactory->create()->load(ID) or $modelFactory->create()->getCollection()

Using the $modelFactory, how can I delete all the data fetched?

---- UPDATE ----

The code I'm using at the moment is the following one. I guess it's running a query per item, instead of doing one query for all the items, so I'm looking for a way to do it in one single shot.

$cleanup = $this->myModelFactory->create()->getCollection();
foreach($cleanup as $item) {
  • What's wrong with the way you're doing it now? – Daniel Black Nov 8 at 19:36
  • @DanielBlack is not wrong it's more something about performance. I expect that an SQL query will be run at each foreach recursion. So if for example $cleanup has 50 items, the foreach loop will generate 50 SQL delete query instead of one with all the items to delete. – Luigi T. Nov 8 at 20:32

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