I have a static HTML content that is used as a promotional landing page for our website, so it doesn't need to have Magento headers, footers, etc. Just a static landing page.

I put the whole landing page folder mylandingpage/ into pub/ folder and can access it by going to www.mysite.com/mylandingpage/index.html

However i want to modify the URL to make it more SEO friendly, so i went to Marketing/SEO & Search/URL Rewrites and create a new custom URL Rewrite with 'Request Path' as 'newlanding' and 'Target Path' is 'mylandingpage/index.html'. But www.mysite.com/newlanding is throwing 404.

Am i missing anything else?

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As you're writing content in an html file, outside the scope of magento so I think magento router controller/ url rewrite would not work on it.

You can rewrite the url using your .htaccess file, just add following code your .htaccess located on magento's root ;

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^mylandingpage\/index\.html$ /newlanding/ [R=301,L]

It should rewrite www.mysite.com/mylandingpage/index.html to www.mysite.com/newlanding/

  • We will have a lot more landing pages in the future and these landing pages could come from 3rd party outsourcing companies that will have their own stylesheets and javascript files so i was trying to isolate them into a specific folder and manage their SEO links through Magento, but that sounds like i can't do that then. Thanks for your answer, it might be the only solution. Oct 31, 2018 at 23:01
  • You can always use server side rewrite in htaccess. Please mark the answer as accepted if it worked for you. Oct 31, 2018 at 23:04
  1. First you haven't to add your files in /pub folder because it is a generated one.

  2. Simply to add your content file after base url www.mysite.com/newlanding, you just have to create a cms page Admin > Content cms page you put a name as newlanding you save, then call it in your url as your exemple then you will have you landing page.

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