I want to table formate for tier price. please see below screenshot.

enter image description here


Please change in the app/design/frontend/yourmodule/yourtheme/Magento_Catalog/templates/product/price/tier_prices.phtml

<ul class="<?php /* @escapeNotVerified */ echo($block->hasListClass() ? $block->getListClass() : 'prices-tier items'); ?>">
    <table class="tier-price-table-shipping" width='100%'>

add table after <ul> tag, go to line no. 105 , there you can add you <tr> and <td> , please check following code,

echo ($block->getShowDetailedPrice() !== false)
                            ? __(
        '<tr><td align="left" valigh="center" width="25%">%1</td><td align="left" valigh="center" width="25%">%2</td><td align="left" valigh="center" width="25%">Save<span class="percent tier-%3">&nbsp;%4</span>%</td><td align="left" valigh="center" width="25%">%5</td></tr>',

put the value as per your need. Don't forget to close table tag before end of </ul> tag.


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