On Magento 1.9, I need to add the field prefix to the shipping_address and billing_address nodes in the response of salesOrderInfo (soap-api-v2). I tried by adding the following:


<xsd:element name="prefix" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" /> (line 275)


<element name="prefix" type="xsd:string" minOccurs="0" /> (line 274)

The prefix field contains a value (I can verify it with debug breakpoints in Mage_Sales_Model_Order_Api::info()) However, the SOAP response still does not contain the field. I even tried to set a ini_set("soap.wsdl_cache_enabled", 0); in the index.php to disable the wsdl cache, flushed the regular cache, restarted the Apache server, but with no success.

Does anybody have an idea how to make this work?

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I finally found an answer. I just restarted the computer with the changes listed above and the response contained the field prefix. I have no idea which cache was involved (I had flushed them all), apparently one was still returning the old field structure.

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