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I've setup a default store and then a few additional websites/stores. They all have their own domains. I customized the look and content of each domain/website within the single Magento installation and everything shows up the way it suppose to including a different favicon for each domain/website BUT the title of all the other stores shows the URL of the main/default website/store. It actually flicks for a moment when loading - first it shows the URL of the domain/store it is loading (which is weird in itself because I didn't enter the entire URL in the www.MYadditionalSITE.com format into

System > Configuration > General > Design > HTML Head > Default Title

but only the words MYadditionalSITE).

After it flicks the URL of the actual site - it then displays the URL of the default domain/website in the browser's tab in the following format:


If I save the website onto the bar - I see the correct favicon and next to it:


When I place my mouse over that - I see:

and underneath it:

I deleted all Cache (it's currently disabled anyways) and re-indexed everything.


I just figured it out!

I had a reference to a specific CMS page in

System - Configuration - General - Web - Default Pages - CMS Home Page

This CMS page had "DEFAULTstore.com" in the Page Title *

The solution is to create a new CMS page just for that domain/website/store and put MYadditionalSITE in the Page Title there.

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