I don't often get completely stumped, but has anyone see this before. When rates were being calculated using Magento 1 UPS method set to XML rates were being returned but completely off. The first screenshot you can see that Ground is coming back the most expensive.

Ground Rate should be ~$250

I then continued to work through the site, I investigated the UPS XML logs in real time, and the rates being returned weren't even in the ballpark of what I was seeing on the Front-end. So I did the whole, it's working in QA but not in production, what's different. Upon investigation, I found UPS's Free shipping Method enabled as "Ground". I didn't think this would cause the issue, but I disabled it and tried again. Low and behold rates came back as expected. Screen Shot Below:

It works, but I don't know why. :(

Has anyone seen anything like this before, or had an issue with the UPS free shipping module? I may just start stepping through code in the meantime to see what happens. Hope someone can help!


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