I imported 2319 products from ebay to magento now i need to change the description in bulk for all the products.

for exemple in descripiton there is <img src="http://www.dropbox.com/xxxxxxxxx"> the xxxxxx part changed from description to description. this is an issue because the page is not secured any more because of the link! what can i do to fix it in bulk?


You can do this with SQL, but I recommend testing on a development environment first.

Step 1: find the attribute_id for description

select attribute_id from eav_attribute 
where attribute_code = 'description' 
and entity_type_id = 4;

Step 2: update all urls to have httpS instead of http

update catalog_product_entity_varchar
set value = replace(value, 'http:', 'https:')
where attribute_id = 123; -- use the result from the previous query in place of 123
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