Using Magento 2, I uploaded a theme and trying to edit the imported demo home page. but I can't find where to edit that page to change the blocks on it.

When I go to Content > Pages, there's a "Home" listed there but that's for example.com/home, not just example.com.

Content > Pages view

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Magento 2 Edit CMS page to show

go to Admin >> Contents >> CMS

By default CMS page

Admin >> Stores >> Configuration >> General >> Web >> Default Pages >> As u select CMS as a by default


Login dashboard, in the

Stores > Configuration > General > Web > Default Pages > CMS Home Page

you will find what is the page you need to edit.

If that page is not the right one. Maybe your theme use block to make homepage. Go to Content > Block, search "home" keyword in the title, you will get some block which should be the right one.

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