I'm kind of stuck. I'm building an API but for some reason I can't do getShippingAddress aftersave of the Order. Everything else works fine :


<config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:ObjectManager/etc/config.xsd">
    <type name="Magento\Sales\Api\OrderRepositoryInterface">
        <plugin name="customer_aftersave" type="...\...\Plugin\OrderPlugin" sortOrder="10"/>


use Magento\Sales\Api\OrderRepositoryInterface;
use Magento\Sales\Api\Data\OrderInterface;
public function aftersave(OrderRepositoryInterface $subject, OrderInterface $order){

            $order = $subject->get($order->getEntityId());

How should I get shipping address information in the aftersave function?

$order here does not provide the getShippingAddress() function.

A big thanks in advance!

  • you can use \Magento\Payment\Model\InfoInterface where you can also get order details. – Yogesh Oct 24 '17 at 4:50
  • Will try it. Seems weird that i need to use the payment module for that since it has nothing to do with the payment model – CompactCode Oct 24 '17 at 5:01

Not test yet, but we can try with OrderInterface $order

public function aftersave(OrderRepositoryInterface $subject, OrderInterface $order)

            $shippingAddress = $order->getShippingAddress();

  • I'm using OrderInterface $order like you can see in my question. Its not returning the getShippingAddress(). Only the getBillingAddress(). Weird but true. Any other ideas? Thanks for helping! – CompactCode Oct 24 '17 at 5:11
  • Does getShippingAddress() returns null? – Khoa TruongDinh Oct 24 '17 at 5:12
  • Well it seems that even though the function has no relation to the interface what so ever it does work. Strange ^^ Ok thanks! – CompactCode Oct 24 '17 at 5:25
  • It's from Model Magento\Sales\Model\Order. – Khoa TruongDinh Oct 24 '17 at 5:26
  • 1
    De reason why is because i didn't create a new order but just 'editted' an existing one. Magento creates a new order and cancels the old but remains the data in it. Any save happends 2 times because of that. 1* save to cancel the previous order and 1* save to make the new one – CompactCode Oct 24 '17 at 5:44

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