i have further investigated in my case and i have identified that the form key generated is not generating new form key . instead it is using the same form key for all users and pages


Is my website that is running since. 2015 December..

Recently few of my customers gave me a complaint that on the view cart page. They cant delete or click on account link on top

When they click they are getting a 403 forbidden error

I did not have this problem before . I didnt make any changes to files of magento All of a sudden am getting these errors

Then try the option to delete or on the top right of page there is a account link icon

Its giving is 403 forbidden error

Any help is appreciated

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i have found the reason why this is happening

follow the screens screen 1: enter image description here

screen2: enter image description here

open the login link from the screen 1 then click login button as shown in screen copy the link of login button. it is different from the login link from category or cart page which is

the code _X19fU0lEPVU,/

is being attached to urls i have no idea how this is happening please help me remove the malicious code being appended to my magento urls

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