I had installed some extension to add an step and two input fields in Magento 1.9. But currently i am using magento 2.1 and there is no any free extension available.

  • Please let me know if any free extension available to achieve this.


  • I don't have much idea about magento 2.1, please guide me to add an step with 2 fields. This step is optional for customer.

Below is the screen shot of version 1.9 which i need in magento 2.1 thanks. Checkout additional step

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This Question has already been asked (adding new step) so may time, there is magento official document for this.

You can refer these:


How to add new steps or tab to checkout page in Magento2


Well as far as I know Magento does not offers any free extension for this. This comes under customization work. You have to contact a development team in order to customize the checkout step.

Hope this was helpful.

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