I have setup multi store view with multiple currency. Everything is working as expected.

Now, I got requirement to convert all prices into ceil. (e.g, SR20.02 = SR21). For this task, I have developed my own module on which I have override Magento\Framework\Pricing\Render\Amount and Magento\Tax\Block\Item\Price\Renderer and converted into ceil. I also have overrided price-utils.js for knockout js file rendering in summary. Everything is working correctly except grandtotal. I am not getting expected grandtotal.

In \Magento\Framework\Pricing\Render\Amount

Method overrided:

 * Format price value
 * @param float $amount
 * @param bool $includeContainer
 * @param int $precision
 * @return float
public function formatCurrency(
    $includeContainer = true,
    $precision = 0 
) {
    return $this->priceCurrency->format($amount, $includeContainer, $precision);

in \Magento\Tax\Block\Item\Price\Renderer

Method overrided:

 public function formatPrice($price)
    $item = $this->getItem();
    if ($item instanceof QuoteItem) {
        return $this->priceCurrency->format(
    } elseif ($item instanceof OrderItem) {
        return $item->getOrder()->formatPrice($price);
    } else {
        return $item->getOrderItem()->getOrder()->formatPrice($price);

I need help. Thanks

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