I need help with a customized magento 2 webshop. We have custom plan, and I don't know which is the good way.

note: We're developers, so custom module development is not a problem

So my plan is (workflow of the user)

  • User can preselect Zip code or city in cart, or with a popup - but without login (so we need to store in in session I think - custom module I think)
  • If user is located, we can hide several products which is not available in the user's location (here is a question - should we set store views, or customer groups, or shipping method or custom module or something other based on session)
  • User put some products in the cart, and goes to checkout.
  • On checkout user can select delivery time slots (our plan is to use amasty's delivery plugin)
  • Time slots should depend on location (amasty plugin supports only different time slots per store views, but customer group or shipping method can be solved as well)

I think that's all. :)

I've googled a lot, but I can't find any plan or plugin for this, I think it's a custom idea, but I don't want to work twice, so I have to plan it thoroughly.

Thanks for you help, I hope we can find the perfect solution :)

Bye Adam

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thanks for considering our extension. Do you have multiple warehouses? If so, this extension may solve some of your questions https://amasty.com/multi-warehouse-inventory-for-magento-2.html.

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