I have created new order in magento store which id is order number#100000434. I need to change order id to number like 100000433.

How can I do this...?

Thanks in advance


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Go to phpmyadmin->Database->sql commend

  1. SELECT increment_id FROM sales_flat_order where increment_id='100000434'
  2. UPDATE sales_flat_order SET increment_id = '100000433' WHERE sales_flat_order.increment_id = '100000434'

Why you what to change the order id !?

If you change order number#100000434 to 100000433 it may give you duplicate order id error, Because in magento order id is auto increment,if you have 100000434 order id means previous order id will be 100000433 ...

  • thank for reply me @Sheshgiri Anvekar. Actually I was deleted 100000433 order that's why am creating it manually.
    – Madhumitha
    Mar 24, 2017 at 5:01

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