I want to retrieve the last and first item from model collection in magento 2, in magento 1.9 i can simply retrieve it like this :

$lastItem = $collections->getLastItem();
$firstItem = $collections->getFirstItem();

is there a way i can do the same in magento 2, without using foreach loop like this:

$collections = $this->_objectManager->create('Namespace\Module\Model\Test')->getCollection(); 
foreach($collections as $collection){
  if($i == 0){
    $firstItem = $collection;
  } else{
    $lastItem = $collection;
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    $lastItem = $collections->getLastItem(); and $firstItem = $collections->getFirstItem(); is not working?
    – Amit Bera
    Commented Mar 13, 2017 at 3:52

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This is Tested Solution feel free to implement

$firstItem = $collections->getFirstItem();
$lastItem = $collections->getLastItem();

echo 'This First Record in Collection <br> ';


echo '<br> This LastRecord in Collection <br> ';


If you don't want to use a for-each loop then you should use the below code to get First and Last Item.

For First Item, you can use an array of 0. e.g $collection[0]. This will give you the first element of your array.

For the Last Item, you can reverse the array and then use the array of 0. e.g

$col = array_reverse($collection);
$lastItem = $col[0];

hope this helps you.

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