I want to know if there is a predefined list of events like this one https://www.nicksays.co.uk/magento-events-cheat-sheet-1-7/ or not because most of the events are dynamically named ?

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I think that every Object extended from Mage_Core_Model_Abstract dispatches a lot events around loading, saving and deleting.

Mage::dispatchEvent($this->_eventPrefix.'_load_before', $params);
// e.g. sales_order_load_before, checkout_cart_load_before

add checks, after the object was loaded

Mage::dispatchEvent($this->_eventPrefix.'_load_after', $this->_getEventData());
// e.g. cms_page_load_after

to add additional data to the object before it is saved

Mage::dispatchEvent($this->_eventPrefix.'_save_before', $this->_getEventData());
// e.g. catalog_product_save_before

To save other models after the "parent" was saved

Mage::dispatchEvent($this->_eventPrefix.'_save_after', $this->_getEventData());
// e.g. catalogrule_rule_save_after

clean up, before the model is deleted

Mage::dispatchEvent($this->_eventPrefix.'_delete_before', $this->_getEventData());
// e.g. store_delete_before

Interessting question ... just to add to your answer ... there are a lot more "predefined" events:

Others from Mage_Core_Model_Abstract

  • $this->_eventPrefix.'_delete_after'
  • $this->_eventPrefix.'_delete_commit_after'
  • $this->_eventPrefix.'_clear'

For DB collections from Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Db_Collection_Abstract

  • $this->_eventPrefix.'_load_before
  • $this->_eventPrefix.'_load_after

Good idea, but for module development it's very limited since a lot of Magento model classes have no _event_prefix set. Good example for missing prefixes is class cms_block where you have to use

$object = $observer->getObject();
if ($object instanceof Mage_Cms_Model_Block) {

This just covers the model classes ...for blocks and EAV collections there are no "eventPrefixes", just some very generic events like ...

  • adminhtml_block_html_before
  • eav_collection_abstract_load_before

If your are going to write custom extenions and want to take advantage of $this->_eventPrefix add one line to your model classes:

protected $_eventPrefix = 'some_model';

So you can observe events only for this model like some_model_save_before.


_save_after is a bit missleading, it is not after saving an object, it more the last data that should be saved.

 * Save object data
 * @return Mage_Core_Model_Abstract
public function save()
    try {
        if ($this->_dataSaveAllowed) {
        $this->_getResource()->addCommitCallback(array($this, 'afterCommitCallback'))

If you want to access the saved data (i.e. the new autoincrement ID) you should use _save_commit_after.

 * Callback function which called after transaction commit in resource model
 * @return Mage_Core_Model_Abstract
public function afterCommitCallback()
    Mage::dispatchEvent('model_save_commit_after', array('object'=>$this));
    Mage::dispatchEvent($this->_eventPrefix.'_save_commit_after', $this->_getEventData());
    return $this;
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