I have 2 modules Blog and Recipe.

Blog module has left navigations :

  • Recent posts
  • Most views
  • Categories

configured in as:


<reference name="right">
        <block type="mageplaza_betterblog/sidebar" name="post.list.right" as="post_list_right" before="-">
            <action method="setTemplate" ifconfig="mageplaza_betterblog/general/sidebar_right">

    <reference name="left">
        <block type="mageplaza_betterblog/sidebar" name="post.list.left" as="post_list_left" before="-">
            <action method="setTemplate" ifconfig="mageplaza_betterblog/general/sidebar_left">

In my Recipe module, I have left sidebar links as :

  • Recipe Categories
  • Latest Recipes

configured as :


 <reference name="left">

        <block type="core/template" name="recipe_sidebar_newest" after="-">
            <action ifconfig="magenshoprecipe/general/shownewest" method="setTemplate"><template>magenshop/recipe/recipe_sidebar_newest.phtml</template></action>

        <block type="core/template" name="recipe_sidebar_popular" after="-">
            <action ifconfig="magenshoprecipe/general/showpopular" method="setTemplate"><template>magenshop/recipe/recipe_sidebar_popular.phtml</template></action>
        <block type="core/template" name="recipemenuleftsidebar" before="-" template="magenshop/recipe/menusidebar.phtml" />
        <!-- <remove name="post_list_left" /> -->
        <action method="unsetChild"><name>post_list_left</name></action>

Now I need to remove all the 3 left sidebar links from 'Blog' module which is conflicting with my recipe module.

ie) In Recipe module, I'm getting the links of Blog module as well.

I had tried to remove the Blog links in recipe.xml as:

<action method="unsetChild"><name>post_list_left</name></action>

But still the links are not getting removed.

  • Are you sure your layout is called from base theme Instead of your custom theme ? @Sachin S
    – Keyur Shah
    Commented Feb 7, 2017 at 9:26

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Ok thanks, found the problem,

I used

<remove name="post_list_left" />

in the right place, ie) in my scenario in the category page ie)


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