I've looked at the following post and a few others, and the methods for constructing the image URL are failing for me: Getting full image url for products via REST API

How can I construct the full image URL paths for the images returned for a category and a product?

For a category the image information is provided in the custom_attributes array like the following:

   "attribute_code": "image",
   "value": "look01_index.jpg"

For a product's description the image URL I'm after looks like the following:

  "id": 3717,
  "media_type": "image",
  "label": null,
  "position": 1,
  "disabled": false,
  "types": [
  "file": "/l/o/look01_index_1.jpg"

I've tried to make the path with {IPADDRESS}/pub/media/catalog/product/{IMAGE FILE} and this fails for both the product and category.

Any Help?

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For Categories: {IP_ADDRESS}/pub/media/catalog/category/{FILE NAME}

For Products: {IP_ADDRESS}/pub/media/catalog/product/{PATH IN DETAILS}

Learned the category path by by hovering over the image on the admin GUI. For products, I believe I was trying to use the category file name in the product path.

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