I know that displaying a product price including/excluding tax can be set globally under System->Configuration->Sales->Tax. Is there a way to be more specific, depending on a Customer Group?

Generally I want all prices to display including Tax, but have a Trade Group that need to show prices excluding tax.

I am very green to Magento and by no means 'good' at customising xml, so an idiots guide would be appreciated.


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Check following function

Mage_Tax_Model_Config class::priceIncludesTax();

this function returns true and false base on system -> config -> tax ->calculation setting -> Catalog Prices.

you can add condition here by customer group(do not change core file move to local first).


Yep it's possible, you can create two customer tax classes under Sales->Tax->Manage Customer Tax Classes Let's call them Retail Customer and Trade Customer

Now Add Tax Rates under Sales->Tax->Manage Tax Rates, provide 0.00 for let's call them Tax Standard and Tax Zero

Now add Tax rules under Sales->Tax->Manage Tax Rules Tax Standard and Tax Zero You can then specify Tax Zero to be used with custom group Trade and Tax Standard to be used with retail.

You'll adjust general tax settings under System->configuration->Sales->Tax

Screenshot attached for reference. enter image description here

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