i have created a shopping cart price rule with a coupon code "xxx". Then i deleted the coupon code from admin side. The again i created the shopping cart price rule with the same coupon id then the error "Coupon with the same code already exists." comes.

When i check the database table the entry is deleted from the salesrule_coupon table but the entry of the coupon code is not deleted from the salesrule_coupon, this causes the above error.

Why this happening ? i use magento

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First deleted the Shopping Cart Price Rules And then created new rule with same coupon code. you can also check entry in table salesrule_coupon. or edit that Shopping Cart Price Rules and change dates, status etc. also you should clear cache and/or session of your magento.

  • Yes, this is a solution. But magento's default functionality is to remove the entry from salesrule_coupon table when the corresponding rule is deleted from the admin side. Currently this is not working anymore.
    – amesh
    Sep 15, 2016 at 8:48

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