I need to edit a label in a field in the checkout page.

I should have an extension (Firecheckout) to manage checkout page.

In fact, the checkout page has an url like domainname.com/firecheckout

In user manual (http://templates-master.com/firecheckout-user-manual#Different%20layout%20type) you can see that you can easily change a label

enter image description here

But in my platform those field checkout fields are not filled in "checkout fields" menu, nor in standard configuration view, nor in main website view

enter image description here

How could I change a label?

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  1. After edit the lable.
  2. You can go to: System -> Cache Management -> Fush Magento Cache.

If it is not. Please provide more information.

  • In my platform I can see checkout fields but those fields are as image above and they are not those I see on page domainname.com/firecheckout. Where should I change those fields?
    – bobrock4
    Jul 11, 2016 at 8:08

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