when i turned on template path hints, i saw the .phtml links forex:


which means page is the module which located on app/design/frontend\base\default\layout\page.xml

so i thought the block settings is on the XML while the code is on the template path

on the other hand when i turned on Add block name to hints it came out Mage_Page_Block_Html which i can found on App\code\core/mage/page/block/html.php

so i thought the block code is on 1column.pthml and what is html.php code contains? why is it differs?

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app/code contains all class files in that where you can create your own module to.

app/design contains all phtml files language file and layout files


There is no app/skin folder.

The skin folder is/should always be located under the root folder, on the same level as the app folder. Otherwise Magento won't work correctly.

Maybe you mean the app/design folder?

In any case:

  • app/code holds the logic for the Magento core and custom modules
  • app/design holds layout and template files both for Magento core and custom modules
  • skin folder has the CSS, JS and images
  • that reminds me, i'm mistaken skin for design. thanks mate Commented May 5, 2016 at 6:35
  • what i'm asking is why template hints and block names is pointing to a different php/phtml files? 1 block points to 2 different code is making me confuse Commented May 5, 2016 at 6:39

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