I'm trying to upgrade to Magento 2, but hit another roadblock. I'm currently getting an error of

[ERROR]: Mismatch of entities in the document: eav_attribute_group

What is my next step for troubleshooting?

I have very little experience with Magento, please give me the dumbed down version if possible.


I also do have this map file, if it matters.

<group name="ignore">

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Run select * from eav_attribute_group; and select * from eav_attribute_set; on both your source and destination databases after the failure, and you can see what the differences are in the tables.

I ended up echoing out the validation checks at the bottom of src/Migration/Step/Eav/Volume.php instead of adding them to the $this->errors[] array.

The data in those two tables still looked fine in my case, so I think this is fairly safe. YMMV.

In addition, I later ran into a strange issue where during the migration the code was using SHOW TABLES to ensure if a table existed, and if it didn't, it would error out. Turns out the table did exist, but it was running into a memory limit issue. I changed the const MAX_BULK_SIZE in src/Migration/ResourceModel/AbstractResource.php from 50000 to 5000, which solved that issue as well.

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