i m working on admin multisite magento installation which is not having its own frontend. In this installation i have configured 2 websites store and store view.

Admin Magento installation is present on, for eg. domain1.com with directory structure like this . ../public_html/magento_admin

Please Note that Everything works fine when i configure store1 as directory like below

../public_html/magento_admin/store1/ and

access with url http://..../magento_admin/store1

But problem arises when i configure the store1 on different domain for eg. domani2.com and access store1 by url http://domain2.com/

After configuring store1 for domain2.com theme, menus, header, footer is shown correctly, but the cms home page is not showing on the home page. and if i click any category then it tells there is no product for corresponding selected product category. what may be wrong ?

For store1, i have set the skin, media, js to admin url like




and store1 base url to


i have copied the .htaccess and index.php file in root of ....domain2.com/ and have changed following lines in index.php

$mageRunCode = 'store1_code';

$mageRunType = 'website';

What could be the problem ?

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Don't use a different document root for domain1.com and domain2.com. As I understand you, the Magento installation is at domain1/public_html/magento_admin.

Then point the document root for domain2.com to this directory and instead of hard coding MAGE_RUN_CODE in index.php, set it based on the domain, as explained here: Multi Store doesnt work - .htaccess?

First of all, you don't need to do any changes in index.php. An example apache configuration that you can add at the top of your .htaccess file is:

SetEnv MAGE_RUN_TYPE website
SetEnvIf Host magento\.zweitedomain\.de MAGE_RUN_CODE=zweitewebsite

(if zweitewebsite is the code of your second website)

I usally don't add the ^ and $ delimiters, so that all subdomains or developer instances are matched as well as long the host contains "magento.zweitedomain.de":

  • www.magento.zweitedomain.de
  • test.magento.zweitedomain.de
  • magento.zweitedomain.de.local

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