Query to get user permissions list in magento2

Admin roles role_type table column

I found related query in above link but permission column is missing . Permission column exists in authorization rule table. So I am stuck with joining the table . So please anyone tell me the query to retrieve all user permissions list from database.


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There is multiple way to link table to another here i'm using inner join to link the table authorization_rule with authorization_role table https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_join_inner.asp

If you are looking to get the permissions throw db here is the query you need

SELECT arule.role_id, arole.role_name, arule.resource_id, arule.permission 
FROM authorization_rule as arule 
INNER JOIN authorization_role AS arole 
ON arule.role_id = arole.role_id 
where arole.role_id = <Enter the role id here>;

You can get and modify user permissions throw the BO of magento 2 on

System > Permissions > User Roles > select the role > tab Role Ressources

Way to get to role permissions : System > Permissions > User Roles, select the role > tab Role Ressources

If you need a way to get the permission list throw code let me know.

  • Okay thank you for the response . Definitely I will try this
    – sandhya S
    Jun 30, 2023 at 9:58

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