Can someone provide clear instructions on how to set up Magento 2 to work with a Paypal PayflowPro Sandbox?

I feel like I've tried every possible combination of user/vendor/merchant id/account id/sub account id/ password and still am getting a 'User authentication failed' error.

My basic set up, per Paypals documentation: I have a sandbox environment set up with a sandbox sub account (Business) with a [email protected] email address, I have a Manager.paypal.com account set up and have followed the instructions to add the [email protected] email to the 'Sandbox Seller' field.

In Magento, I have the following fields, per the Magento documentation:

Email Associated with your PayPal Merchant Account
Partner:    Your PayPal Partner ID
User:   The ID of an additional user who is set up on your PayPal account
Vendor: Your PayPal user login name
Password: PW that is associated with your PayPal account.

Which Paypal account information goes with which Magento field?

Does the 'User' field above who is 'set up on your Paypal account' reflect the sandbox environment user? or do I need to create an additional user in the manager.paypal.com account?

Does the Password field require the password from the manager account, or the [email protected] account? Is the User field the email address of [email protected], or the Paypal provided Account ID?

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The terminology is extremely confusing. This is what works for me:

Email: Email associated with your Merchant Account
Partner: PayPal
User: Your manager.paypal.com login username
Vendor: Your mmanager.paypal.com login username
Password: Your manager.paypal.com password

Also, set Test Mode to "Yes" in the Magento config to ensure posts to Payflow Pro hit the sandbox URL rather than the live payment URL.

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