How to fix error 'Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier'

var script = document.createElement("script");
script.type="text/javascript"; script.src = 'url';
script.innerHTML="dataLayer = [ ] ";

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    Please elaborate your question. – Gufran Hasan Jan 7 at 10:20
  • how to add this script in head tag ,<script>dataLayer=[{"transactionId":"100087965","transactionTotal":1090,"transactionTax":0,"transactionShipping":0,"currencyCode":"LKR","transactionProducts":[{"sku":"ZZ48-XL","name":"White Cold Shoulder Floral Top","category":"Default Category Clothing Tops ","price":1090,"quantity":1}]}];<script>console.log('Debug Objects: </script> – P.k sameera chathuranga Jan 7 at 10:36
  • Please visit this link stackoverflow.com/questions/20737442/… – Gufran Hasan Jan 7 at 10:40

The main issue is in script.innerHTML="dataLayer = [ ] "; line. Actually, you are trying to concatenate string double quote "" but inside the [] array, there is also double quote"" available. So you need to change script.innerHTML= 'dataLayer = [ ]';

I have changed it and it's working now.

var script = document.createElement("script");
script.innerHTML='dataLayer=[{"transactionId":"100087965","transactionTotal":1090,"transactionTax":0,"transactionShipping":0,"currencyCode":"LKR","transactionProducts":[{"sku":"ZZ48-XL","name":"White Cold Shoulder Floral Top","category":"Default Category Clothing Tops ","price":1090,"quantity":1}]}];console.log("Debug Objects:");';

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