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Magento 2: What Causes the "Failed to enable crypto" Error?
4 votes

I resolved by updating the OS X liip package you just need to run the one-line command on that page source:

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CatalogRule not appearing in cron_schedule table
2 votes

Ok, I debugged my cron.php 2 days ago, and I found out that the var $isShellDisabled was set to false. So it executed this block of code: else if (!$isShellDisabled){ $fileName = basename(...

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Magento 2: System upgrade fails Readiness Check (always_populate_raw_post_data = 0)
0 votes

Found the problem on my server. Check phpinfo() on your browser. Check php -i | grep php.ini via SSH. Compare the value of Loaded Configuration File: on my server, they were 2 different files. My ...

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