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Magento 2 can not upload product images
Accepted answer
20 votes

Solved This error can be caused by several server configuration issues. Each error will always present itself with the same generic warning from Magento 2: Attention: We don't recognize or support ...

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Magento 2 - What is the correct way to change default Order Id?
6 votes

Fresh Install: If your on Magento 2.2.0+ and your running a fresh install with multi-store enabled (this is enabled by default) you can simply run the following queries before you place any orders ...

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How to run Magento 2 from a subdirectory
3 votes

My Experience The short answer to your question is yes. Magento 2 works fine with subdirectories. I actually just pulled our website off a sub directory /store and went back to not having one. Well ...

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