Denotes questions related to the versioning of the file (like css, js etc)

A versioning serves the following purposes, among others.

  • Version control enables multiple people to simultaneously work on a single project. Each person edits his or her own copy of the files and chooses when to share those changes with the rest of the team. Thus, temporary or partial edits by one person do not interfere with another person's work.

  • Version control also enables one person you to use multiple computers to work on a project, so it is valuable even if you are working by yourself. Version control integrates work done simultaneously by different team members. In most cases, edits to different files or even the same file can be combined without losing any work. In rare cases, when two people make conflicting edits to the same line of a file, then the version control system requests human assistance in deciding what to do.

  • Version control gives access to historical versions of your project. This is insurance against computer crashes or data lossage. If you make a mistake, you can roll back to a previous version. You can reproduce and understand a bug report on a past version of your software. You can also undo specific edits without losing all the work that was done in the meanwhile. For any part of a file, you can determine when, why, and by whom it was ever edited.