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Purge Varnish from Magento 2.4.6: laminas error

You can add the null coalescing operator to this line of code: $method = strtolower($method); Replace it with: $method = strtolower($method ?? ''); For same you can create a Custom patch and apply it ...
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Varnish not working with Magento 2.4.3: Website doesn't response

Is Varnish running on port 80? I see that everything is hosted on the same server, so please run the following command to see what ports are in use: sudo netstat -tulpn This will give you an of ports ...
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http to https redirect

As @Pawan suggested, Base URL and Secure Base URL both should have the values with https. Apart from this, please check whether Use Secure URLs on Storefront is set to Yes. Change the value of Enable ...
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