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If you add this to your default.xml layout file. <referenceContainer name="main.content" htmlTag="main" htmlId="add-ID" htmlClass="new-class-name"/>


You have a fixed width on quite a few elements: To fix this edit the CSS to something like this: max-width: 1170px; width: 100%; As for where to make this change I can't say without seeing the theme, it will likely be a SCSS or LESS file. Now your site is responsive again:


Use for Theme object $this->_design->getDesignTheme() and theme id: $this->_design->getDesignTheme()->getId() where $this->_design instance of Magento\Framework\View\DesignInterface


In theme module-overrides you can omit the view/frontend folders in the path, making the path to your overwrite file as follows: (magento_dir)/app/design/frontend/(VendorName)/(ThemeName)/Magento_OfflinePayments/web/template/payment/purchaseorder-form.html


You can not characteristics like this. The best idea to use Magento luma theme or build a simple theme base on luma. Every theme has a lot of extensions, which also need to remove. Best to use luma or build a simple theme base on luma. And customization on this new theme or luma theme.

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