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How to add multiple flat rate shipping

You could also create a second flat rate shipping method with a module. First create app/etc/modules/Vendor_Module.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <config> <modules> <...
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Magento 2 - Shipping fee using table rates always zero when adding more items in cart

As per magento default, table rates are working but also some cart rule is applying on shipping rates. For Example when you add one product add to cart, table rates are working but when you add ...
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How to add multiple flat rate shipping

There is open source extension which allows to setup multiple flat rates: https://github.com/thebod/Thebod_Shippingrates
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csv file format for setting table rate in magento 2

Go to Store >> Configuration >> Sales >> Shipping Methods >> Table Rates Export sample file that is already entered in Table Rates from export button. After exporting you ...
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region/state code in tablerate.csv file in magento 2

You can get the state/region code from directory_country_region table in database.
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What Is The Default Magento Weight Unit And How Can Change It

Magento doesn't care for units regarding to weight, it's just a number. The meaning depends on how you enter the data. If you entered/imported the weight in gram, you'll have to use gram in the table ...
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Checkout shipping methods display default when only country is defined

I solved. The problem was actually that by default, the country was US instead of ES. On the checkout form, the dropdown selects Spain but it's not saved yet. For solving this, I had to change Tax ...
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Table Rate Shipping Extension

I saw these guys Cedcommerce have done many extensions on Magento2, but they on the development mode I asked them about the table rate extension in the live chat once, and they answer they need a ...
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update tablerates bug

Changing the order in the CSV file doesn't matter, since Magento will sort it internally before processing it. You say it ignores prices between 1000 and 3000 and takes 210 as the shipping price. Well,...
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Magento enable shipping method for virtual products

Virtual products cannot have a shipping method, as they are intended to represent non-physical items such as a warranty or a membership. To achieve what you are describing, you would need to use a ...
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magento2: table rates csv file with ISO-3166-2-Code shows issue

There is a wrong region code. Replace region code with HAM I hope now it will work for you.
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How can i add Manual Shipping and Handling Cost Instead of Using Webshop-Matrix Rate

You can use this extension to set shipping price from admin. This extension is only for admin and not available for frontend. This extension will allow you to set shiipping price and shipping title ...
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Magento table rates not working

It sounds like this could be related to taxes, do you have a tax rate set? If you do (which the default i think is 20%) then I believe the import should be without tax which means if you have ...
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Magento 2 override tablerate model

NEW PROCEDURE USING PLUGIN I strongly suggest to use plugin instead of using rewrite class. Plugin in the best way to modify a shipping Carrier rated. We have to create the plugin on collectRates(...
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Magento table rate cached or not

First connect sql & check if the shipping_tablerate table is having same data as you expect. If yes then try refreshing cache instead flushing. If still no result, then some custom module ...
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Table Rates Based On Final Order Value Magento 2

There are several ways to provide Free Shipping. In your case you are doing it through the Table Rates but if you want to get the correct result I would recommend to use a Cart Price Rule to provide ...
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Magento 2 How to get multiple table rates data programmatically?

Have you tried using the method \Magento\Shipping\Model\Shipping::collectRates ? Or, Alternatively you may query the database table shipping_tablerate which has the table rates stored in it.
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Shipping rate calculation in Table rate Shipping method Magento 2

Open vendor/magento/module-offline-shipping/Model/Carrier/Tablerate.php /** * Get rate. * * @param \Magento\Quote\Model\Quote\Address\RateRequest $request * @return array|bool */ public function ...
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Magento 2 - Table Rate shipping method not showing in cart & checkout page

I finally figured out the issue. The code to check the shipping method to show is in the template file vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/web/template/shipping.html ... <div class="...
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Magento 2 - Multi Flat shipping not showing frontend checkout

I think you have to enter the zip code then after shipping method will display
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Individual Shipping Rate per product along with Table Rate - Magento 2

You can use slightly modified plugin from this answer How to add shipping price for all individual product app/code/MageWorx/ShippingPricePerProduct/etc/di.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <...
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Magento 2 - get customer in collectRates()

You can use below code into your model constructor protected $_customerSession; public function __construct( ... \Magento\Customer\Model\Session $customerSession, ... ) { ... $...
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How to add shipping rate according to weight?

You should use table Rates shipping method, there you can define shipping rates slabs as per destination, weight and price. Go to : System-> configurations->Sales->Shipping Methods Choose ...
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Magento 2.2.2 - Tablerates not working on Cart Page

Take note of Free shipping is one of the most effective promotions you can offer. It can be based on a minimum purchase, or set up as a cart price rule that is applied when a set of conditions is met. ...
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Create Order programmatically with tablerates

Follow-up on @xhallix's answer: If you use weight-based Table Rate shipping, the shipping rate collection requires the shipping address have a defined free_method_weight. This value is calculated ...
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How to configure .csv table rates weight

Set the calculation condition of Table rates shipping method to: Weight vs Destination. Prepare the data in CSV format like this: Notice that you need to specify the price for below 50 kg and for 50+ ...
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Error message for table rate is not displaying how to fix in magento 2

The code from this comes from KO which uses CSV file You can try to edit the CSV file or rather create your own CSV file in your module like i18n/en_US.csv, And edit there like "Sorry, no quotes ...
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TAblerates upload: something went wrong with importing tablerates

Open the Exported .CSV File in Text Editor (Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime). Then you will see Country,Region/State,"Zip/Postal Code","Weight (and above)","Shipping Price" , then put the details. Ex. ...
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How to apply tablerate shipping on discounted subtotal?

To do this we need to override some magento core files. Override Mage_Shipping_Model_Carrier_Tablerate In your config.xml file add below code - <models> <shipping> <rewrite&...
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Shipping rate depending on the source and destination in magento 2

Go to Store > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Table Rates Select Store View as Main website In Table Rates select Condition as Price Vs. Destination Export Csv from there see in below ...
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