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A security patch released for Magento CE <= / EE <=

This security patch was originally released on January 20th 2016 and addresses multiple security vulnerability issues affecting Magento CE versions <= as well as Magento EE versions <=

An update to this patch has been released on February 26th 2016 to address several issues that were caused by the original version of the patch.

The patch can be downloaded here: https://www.magentocommerce.com/download

Please note that both versions of the patch need to be applied:

  • SUPEE-7405 V1.0
  • SUPEE-7405 V1.1

Magento CE provides SUPEE-7405 V1.0 and CE provides SUPEE-7405 V1.1

Magento EE provides SUPEE-7405 V1.0 and EE provides SUPEE-7405 V1.1

Details about the patch can be found here: Security Patch SUPEE-7405 - possible problems?

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