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Magento2: What are the differences between Elasticsearch and Solr?

As you said, Solr and Elasticsearch are both built on top of the Apache Lucene project, so what's the difference and why would Magento deprecate support for Solr in favor of Elasticsearch? First, if ...
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Magento2 Passing Arguments to class in Construct

Use a factory: public function __construct( \Magento\Solr\Model\Client\SolariumFactory $solrFactory ) Don't worry if this class does not exist, Magento will generate it for you. Then you can ...
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Magento2: What are the differences between Elasticsearch and Solr?

I found this answer helpful by SwiftOtter: Elasticsearch allows multiple types of documents in an index. Solr requires you to do the work at the application level. Elasticsearch is more configurable ...
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Magento Integration with Solr

The search API is located here : vendor/magento/module-search/etc/webapi.xml <route url="/V1/search" method="GET"> <service class="Magento\Search\Api\SearchInterface" method="search"/&...
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What causes an indexer to get marked as "Scheduled" in EE

I finally found the issue. I was running a price reindex from the cron every 3 hours and i found this event in the Enterprise/Search code: app/code/core/Enterprise/Search/etc/config.xml: <...
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Search by sku not working with solr in magento2

I used the below setting for the SKU attribute. Now it works for me. if its Magento+Solr make sure: SKU attribute Properties has "Visible in Advanced Search" set to Yes Clear cache and do re-...
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Solr HTTP error: OK (400)?

This is not an issue on Solr end but catalog search configuration on magento end. The error means magento is trying to reindex "store_id" field but it couldn't find "store_id" on schema.xml file. In ...
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